Vocational Assessment/Job Seeking Assistance

A vocational assessment is used to analyse an individual’s current skills and experience, set vocational goals and outline potential job options. The assessment takes into account the individual’s functional and work capacity and identifies transferable skills. It also includes an assessment of labour market information. The purpose of vocational assessment is to:

  • plan a course of action
  • enhance clients self-knowledge and vocational decision-making abilities
  • predict realistic employment outcomes that result in successful client vocational training a choices.

Not all of us can be singers or dancers but we can still have a career which we enjoy and feel it fits with our interests and values.

The vocational assessment process has following steps:

Step 1 – Screening/Needs Assessment – telephone call for 30 minutes – client to send an email to Sheridan’s Psychology and a time will be arranged for an Assessor to call to discuss vocational assessment.

Step 2 –Sheridan Psychology to e-mail Client a resume template if the client does not already have a current resume

Step 3 – Client to complete resume template (whilst listing potential work options and/or study options to discuss at the time of the assessment) emails back to Sheridan’s Psychology

Step 4 – Assessor to review Client’s resume (focusing on transferable skills to generate potential work options and/or study options to explore at the time of assessment) – 2 hours

Step 5 – Comprehensive Vocational Evaluation – client to attend at office

  • Client to complete Initial and Consent Form.
  • Assessor and client to discuss Resume, transferrable skills, new career path, job options, labour market and types of jobs client would enjoy and/or is keen to do – 1 hour

Step 6 – Assessor to complete Vocational Assessment Report (outlining findings, labour market research and recommendations). – 2 hours

Step 7 – Assessor to contact Client (via mobile, Facetime or Skype) to discuss recommendations – 30 minutes

Step 8 – Sheridan Psychology to release Vocational Assessment Report to Client following feedback session via email to client

A comprehensive report outlines the person’s vocational options, retraining needs and a labour market analysis. A vocational assessment can assist:

  • Finding a career path, job options and course for a young person who is unsure of direction;
  • Finding a different career path when an individual wants a change of direction, whether it be due to injury, burn out, wanting a new challenge or simply because the old job is just not a good fit any more;
  • Careers – professional assessment and recommendations for people unsure of their next career move.

Comprehensive Vocational Assessment: $1000.00 – half payment to be paid at step 4 and balance to be paid at end of step 7.

We can also assist with job seeking motivation, resume development, applying for jobs, strategies to overcome nerves and practice/mock interview at $150 per hour

Contact: admin@sheridanpsychology.com.au