Sheridan Mason

Registered Psychologist

Sheridan is a registered Psychologist who has a BPsych (Hons), MBA and Grad Dip in Applied Psychology. She has many years experience working with adults with anxiety/depression, adjusting to stressors of life whether it be relationships, work, challenging family, growing older and/or changing circumstances. She has a particular interest in giving support, coping strategies to people who are going through changes and sees her role as one of empowerment.

Areas of Specialty

  • Anxiety and Depression – most of have bad days, times when our self esteem and confidence is low. Stress and anxiety add to the overwhelmed thoughts and feelings. This is an area of have many years of experience and tools whether it be CBT, Emotional processing or schema therapy to help you to feel better.
  • Trauma – Domestic Violence, Abuse, CSA survivors, Emotional/Mental abuse, PTSD
  • Women’s concerns – self-esteem/low confidence, balance in work/life/family, menopause, life transitions and dealing with impact of changing hormones
  • Work place issues – bullying, low job satisfaction, staff management, mediation
  • Grief & Loss
  • Sexuality – whether it be regarding coming of age/adulthood or in a same sex relationship
  • Relationship issues – my focus is always to keep the relationship together if possible however, in some cases, this is not achievable. I  then to look towards healthy co-parenting and separation and using mediation skills to plan/move forward for the couple
  • Pain management – assisting in finding different ways to cope with pain
  • DBT, CBT, Solution focused and Schema therapy – I see my role is to assist you in bringing my education and experience in working with you to find a different/better way
  • Relationship counselling – improving communication, reviewing values, re-connecting, finding a different way to be together with life changes eg children, ageing, family pressures.

Hours of Work & Contact

Monday to Thursday at Bella Vista

Evening appointments available

0405 291 696