Relationship/Couples Counselling

Sheridan Mason practices relationship counselling under the Gottman Relationship Model which is based on over 40 years of research and works towards three main goals:

  1. Down regulating unhelpfulness and its escalation during conflict;
  2. Increasing techniques to manage ourselves during conflict;
  3. A systemic approach for producing lasting overall positivity in our relationship.

Gottman Relationship Model  : Assessment stage which includes:

Session 1
90 mins
Both partners present

Session 2
50 mins
Individual sessions

Session 3
90 mins
Treatment and goal planning with both partners

There is an online questionnaire to complete after session 1 of the assessment stage – both partners need to have an email address and supply this to Sheridan at Session1.

In the assessment session 1 we will talk about the history of the relationship, areas of conflict, expectations of relationship.

In the individual sessions Sheridan learns about your personal history and gives you an opportunity to share thoughts, feelings and perceptions.

In session 3 we discuss the recommendations from the assessment stage for treatment and define goals together for your therapy.

Gottman Relationship Model : The Assessment stage costs $910 and includes the online assessment.

Gottman Relationship Model : Treatment stage which mostly involves seeing the couple together however individual sessions may be recommended.

Treatment is usually 10 – 15 sessions (weekly and fortnightly). There are exercises to do between sessions.

Clients in couple therapy under the Gottman model are urged to take responsibility for the problems and do something about it. Every relationship has the potential of being heaven or hell. In treatment we seek to increase the attractive force of the positive steady state and decrease the negativity in conflict. We will work through each goal together; we will do the hard work of your relationship problems during therapy and there are exercises to do between sessions.

Each session is for 50 minutes and costs $220 per session

Phasing out of therapy to 3 weekly then monthly. Some couples choose to attend monthly until they feel they can manage.

Relationship counselling is not usually covered by Medicare unless your GP recommends.