Supervision: Registered and Provisional Psychologists and Peer Supervision

Sheridan Mason (Psychologist, MAPS) is fully qualified under the AHPRA Supervision Guidelines to be a Supervisor for both the 4+2 and 5+1 pathways to registration. This also includes IQ, cognitive and personality testing and access to other mandatory and elective tests in order to meet the testing competency for registration. Please see the testing page for more detailed information. Sheridan has been supervising both registered and provisional psychologists under the AHPRA program guidelines for many years.

Supervision is offered as Principal or Secondary Supervision to provisional psychologists as well as a one off service to meet the testing assessment competency. Sheridan is a registered Psychologist with extensive experience working within the private and public sector. Sheridan has been assisting registered Psychologists to fulfil their professional development

Registered psychologists supervision is in a semi-structured format where your needs are addressed however Sheridan continues to look for ways to add value and to enhance the discussion to aid professional development. Case review and assistance is always available within the supervision session. We also hold monthly group supervision sessions in the Bella Vista office.

Provisional psychologists – Sheridan supervises both 4+2 and 5+1 provisional psychologists. The supervision program meets the requirements for registration as a psychologist as stipulated by the Board. A free initial half session is offered to discuss the program. Supervision is given with regard to meeting the progress report criteria, testing, transitioning from the theory studied to actual sessional treatment. Group and Peer supervision sessions are included. Role plays, peer meetings, provisional psychologists meetings to enhance learning and practice are also included. Sheridan’s goal is to empower, assist and give guidance to the provisional psychologist to learn the tools of assisting people in the therapeutic setting. Sheridan will ensure provisional psychologists meet the competencies as it is not about just ‘ticking the boxes’ but accomplishing the Board’s competencies to ensure the provisional psychologist reaches registration with the knowledge, skills and experience to meet the demands of the job and continue professional development throughout one’s career.

Psychometric Testing for Provisional Psychologists: Mandatory and Elective Tests

The internship pathway requires that Psychometric Testing for Provisional Psychologists competencies are met by way of both mandatory and elective tests. For provisional psychologists who only require the Board’s testing portion to attain registration, Sheridan’s Psychology offers a variety of means group, individual and single service to complete these competencies. We offer all the 6 mandatory tests: Wechsler Children Intelligence Scale (WISC), Wechsler Memory Scale (WMS IV) Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS), DASS, K-10, PAI and enough of the electrive tests eg Orebro Pain Screen, Alcohol Use Disorder, Coopersmith Self Esteem Inventories, Fear Questionnaire, Peen State Worry Questionnaire, Beck Anxiety Inventory, Beck Depression Inventory, South Oaks Gambling Screen, WHOQol Quality of Life, OSI (Vocational Assessment), NUCOG Cognitive Screening Test and NEO™ Personality Inventory. The psychometric Testing for Provisional Psychologists can be challenging to access all the tests and be sufficiently tested.

If you are a provisionally registered psychologist or looking to send in your paperwork to be provisionally registered and are seeking supervision/assistance with this component of your internship contact us via email or call us. The first step is to attend a free meeting with us to discuss your needs. If we are a match then we commence by attending group and/or individual supervision to work towards your requirements for full registration. Sheridan is a registered principal and secondary supervisor. The group sessions are usually run on Saturday mornings and we have evening appointments. We also give you time to access the tests without charge so you can practice.

Fees vary depending upon your needs but as a guide the fee is $160 per 50 minutes for individual supervision with Sheridan. The groups cost $100 per 50 minutes and can be counted as supervision in your log books.

To complete the psychometric testing component to meet the Board’s competency it usually involves a couple of hour’s commitment each fortnight over a couple of months depending on your needs, prior experience and aptitude. Most students have completed basic training in, for example, the WAIS so a review and refresh is all that is required so may be completed over a couple of hours to meet demonstration of capability to administer and interpret results. However, for example, the PAI is new to most provisional psychologists so will require more time to review, test, interpret and write up the report to establish competency.

Send us an email and we can see if we can help you.