Depression & Anxiety

When talking to a Psychologist for the first time, many people who are suffering from depression and anxiety describe feeling like they are in a ‘black hole’; they want to get out but don’t know how to. Before seeking help from a Psychologist, people with depression and anxiety commonly report experiencing symptoms such as:

General Public Information – Psychometric Testing Service

Memory plays a central role in evaluations for suspected dementia. Memory is not a single function but comprises several different and interrelated processes. Delayed recall also helps in differentiating between normal aging, dementia and Alzheimer’s or if poor concentration is due to depression and/or stress. NUCOG is a pen-and-paper cognitive


Hypnotherapy is a form of mind-body therapy, which combines a deep state of relaxation, and hypnosis, to help clients heal from emotional and behavioural issues.

Online Counselling Session – 50 Minutes

Online sessions can be a good way to seek counselling without having to leave your home or office. Some people are house bound because they are looking after a new born or elderly person or waiting for a tradesperson or delivery. Maybe working from home and would like a session but time poor.

Pain Management

Is pain having a negative impact on your lifestyle? Pain management can address this issue. Are you finding it difficult to sleep due to pain or feeling frustrated, hopeless or ‘useless’ because you are no longer able to participate in your usual work or recreational activities? Pain management can help to get you back on track. Are you finding that

Personality Testing/Analysis

Personality Testing and Analysis can help you to tap into your style, what motivates you, what challenges you and overcoming barriers.

Relationship Counselling and Life Transitions

Relationships with partners, family members and friends can be supportive, nurturing and life enriching but they can also be complicated and stressful. Talking to a Psychologist who specializes in relationship counselling can help individuals and/or couples to develop more healthy fulfilling relationships. Relationship counselling, in the first instance, is to

Relationship/Couples Counselling

Sheridan Mason practices relationship counselling under the Gottman Relationship Model which is based on over 40 years of research.

Supervision: Registered and Provisional Psychologists and Peer Supervision

Sheridan Mason (Psychologist) is fully qualified under the AHPRA Supervision Plan to be a Supervisor for 4+2 and 5+1 provisional registered psychologists which includes IQ testing (WAIS) and other testing criteria to meet the testing competency for registration. Sheridan has been supervising registered psychologists and provisional psychologists

Vocational Assessment/Job Seeking Assistance

A vocational assessment is used to analyse an individual’s current skills and experience, set vocational goals and outline potential job options. The assessment takes into account the individual’s functional and work capacity and identifies transferable skills.